Your First Steps to FOSS

Introducing FOSS Software you can use daily


Your First Steps to FOSS

Introducing FOSS Software you can use daily

A question we’re asked quite often is “How to get started with FOSS?”, and it’s really not as complicated as it may seem! Saying goodbye to proprietary software, is one of the first steps we recommend if you’re struggling to break free from the closed source maze. “Free as in Freedom” - Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is a set of software where the source code is open to the public, and everybody’s free to use the code or contribute to the project. Thanks to FOSS, you don’t have to pay to use such software or suffer through those excruciating 15 seconds to skip those endless ads. But everyone else is using the so-called “proprietary” software, one might ask. So why should you make the switch? One of the key reasons FOSS has gained popularity over over the years is transparency. With source code that is visible to everyone, you know exactly what the applications you’re using are doing. Unlike proprietary software, FOSS allows you to view and edit the source code, a practice commonly known as forking. Secondly, FOSS fosters a culture of sharing and contribution. Anybody can point out bugs in the code, reuse it in their projects or customize the software. This freedom encourages people to contribute more, which in turn makes software better & secure thus speeding up the development process. As a first step to getting acquainted with the magical world of FOSS, we have a specially curated list of FOSS alternatives to some of your go-to softwares, minus the ads and data leaks! Read below to find out more.

F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android OS. In other words it’s just like the PlayStore but with Free and Open source Android applications. You can access the F-Droid repository using the official F-Droid client or other free clients available online.

Checkout Droifidy, an F-Droid client that allows you to browse through and install FOSS applications for your Android Device.



NewPipe is a lightweight frontend for popular streaming services like YouTube, SoundCloud and PeerTube. It is completely ad-free and offers features like background playback and downloads, which are often restricted on other streaming platforms like the YouTube app.

You don’t need an account for it as it parses the website of the streaming service to fetch the data we require. You can use NewPipe to subscribe to contents of your choice and this data is locally stored - ensuring a secure and private user experience. Since it is open source, it is continuously monitored by numerous users, assuring its safety against vulnerabilities and malware. Furthermore, as it uses the GPL-V3 license, you can create your version of the app by modifying the source code and adding new functionalities or modifications to suit your needs.

Checkout Newpipe On Github

Download Now From F-droid


Amidst a landscape dominated by closed, proprietary music players, Blackhole Music Player emerges as a liberating alternative. Its open-source nature empowers users with customization, faster updates, and diverse format support. Unlike its proprietary counterparts, Blackhole prioritizes user freedom and community collaboration, delivering a high-resolution music streaming experience on your phone, free from advertising or paid subscriptions.

In contrast to the constraints of proprietary players, Blackhole Music Player stands as a testament to the benefits of open-source innovation. It enables users to download for offline listening and extends its support to importing from Spotify and YouTube Music, making it a compelling option for those seeking more than just a music player. BlackHole isn’t just a music player; it is a movement for those who believe in music without boundaries.

Checkout Official Page Of BlackHole


If you’re ready to embrace change, explore the realm of FOSS and collaboratively build software that caters to the needs of the NITC Community you can sign up to be a FOSSCell Associate. The associates will be volunteers for FOSSCell and are expected to show up for FOSSCell events. They’ll receive updates about nearby FOSS happenings and are expected to use various FREE Softwares including GNU/Linux on their PC. You’ll be evaluated based on your overall performance throughout the period in which you are an associate and consistent associate members will be inducted directly into the FOSSCell.

click here to fill the OpenForm to register as an associate

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